Request for Permission for Winter 2021 ESSE/ENG Courses

Request for Permission for Winter 2021 ESSE/ENG Courses

This form can be used for students to request permission for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year ESSE & ENG courses offered by the Department of ESSE.

To be eligible to receive permissions, students must have successfully completed the pre-requisite requirements (received passing grade) for each course they are requesting permission for. If students do not satisfy the necessary pre-requisite requirements for the courses they're requesting permissions into, requests for permissions will be DENIED.

Please note that space is limited in courses and requests are not guaranteed to be granted. Factors to be considered will be program of study, pre-req completion, students who are potentially graduating, etc.

You will be notified by email according to the above process dates the decision of your request. Please DO NOT send a second form/ duplicate email for the permission in the same course.

Please note dropping or exchanging courses may have financial impact. Refer to refund table at

Starting on February 8th, students must receive permission from the instructor by email and forward the approval email to the Department of ESSE to arrange for permission to enroll in a course at